Ken Waine

                              Contemporary Realism
                                        Fine Art





Ken Waine lived in Santa Barbara, California until age 10 when his fatherís medical practice required a move to Boston, Massachusetts.  Ken was exposed to the arts through his parentsí associations with recognized artists and musicians.  As a teenager, Ken excelled in all sports and wanted a professional sports career, but not until music lessons were finished.  When attending private schools, Ken focused   on sketching and creating inventions rather than studying assignments. 

Later studies at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts using oils, watercolor, charcoal, drawing, anatomy and sculpture gave Ken a broad appreciation for all art forms.  Further formal art training was acquired at Vesper George School of Commercial Art in Boston.  
He interned with an architectural firm in Cambridge to gain more experience, and painted with Robert F. Morey, U.S. Marshall, Massachusetts, artist and designer of the official U.S. Marshall seal.

Ken designed, drew plans and constructed his own home in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he owned an excavating business. Living in coastal areas of Massachusetts, California and Florida, Ken and his wife have owned boats and lived onboard, offering luxury cruises aboard ďLatigoĒ their 60 foot motor yacht.  As a yacht captain, Ken cruised extensively to the islands of the Bahamas, Caribbean, Cuba and Florida east and west coasts.  Visiting Australia and New Zealand inspired nautical subjects in his collection. Ken and his wife settled in Palm Coast in 2004 relocating the yacht charter business from the Florida Keys. 

Contemporary realist painting is Kenís preferred form of expression.  He has a thorough understanding of three-point perspective, essential to creating an accurate and visually appealing piece of art.  The sea is a major influence in his work, which conveys a sense of motion.  Mood is established in his skies.  Ken concentrates on using subdued earth tones contrasting light against dark to bring out his subject.  Achieving depth of field, with a flow of an entrance and an exit to a painting is apparent in his work.  

Tempera is now Kenís preferred medium.  It is one of the oldest, most versatile and durable methods of painting used as early as the 15th century.  The medium has a clean, matte finish which dries rapidly and allows additional thin layers to be applied if needed to achieve translucence.  Colors are long-lasting and do not change with age.  Ken enjoys the challenge of working with tempera, a difficult medium, to achieve satisfying results.  

Appreciating all forms of fine art, he favors painting marine art, seascapes, landscapes and portraits.  There is recognizable consistence in Kenís painting style.  Viewers can easily situate themselves in the inviting places Ken depicts.


Member, American Society of Marine Artists